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The District Councils receive relatively less scholarly attention in Hong Kong studies. As the Legislative Council of Hong Kong will add five functional constituency seats representing the District Councils, the political significance of the District Councils is likely to increase. To promote the interests of studying the District Councils, I created this website for the students of GPAD2111 Political Research Methodology. This website allows the students to view the District Councils, or even local politics, from a geo-spatial perspective. I thank Ma Ngok for kindly sharing part of the election data and valuable advice on the classification of political orientations. I also appreciate Tim Tang for his excellent research support. This website is part of the project "Mapping Hong Kong Politics," funded by CUHK's Courseware Development Grant Scheme 2011-2012.

Stan Wong
Department of Government and Public Administration

Suggested Citation: Stan Hok-Wui Wong. 2012. Hong Kong Electoral Geography, <www.hkelectionmaps.org>

關於香港的研究中,區議會一向不太受重視。由於香港立法會將增加五個代表區議會的功能組別議席,區議會的政治影響力可望提升。為了提高報讀「GPAD2111政治學研究方法」的學生們對區議會的研究興趣,我製作了本網頁。本網頁為學生們提供了區議會,以至地方政治的地理訊息。我特別感謝馬嶽提供部份的選舉資料和就政治取態分類給予的寶貴意見。 研究助理鄧啟怡在資料整理的過程中也幫助很多。本網頁獲得中文大學「2011-2012 課程發展基金」贊助。